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Admission Procedures
Prospective students applying for admission to the AC's certificate programs begin the admission and enrollment process by submitting a complete and accurate application enrollment agreement and contract along with the $50 registration fee. AC's registration fee covers the student's entrance exam fee.

A contract which is later verified to contain incomplete, false, or misleading information may be grounds for dismissal. Once the contract and fee have been received by the AC, applicants are responsible for ensuring the completion of their admission file. No applicant will be formally accepted for admission until his or her admission file is complete.

AC will advise students regarding the documents required in order to begin a program of study. All students must submit all admission documentation and gain admitted status prior to the start of the first day of class. Students who have not submitted all documents required by the first day of class must withdraw until such time as they are formally admitted by AC.

Because institutions vary in the time they take to respond to transcript requests, all transcripts should be requested immediately upon submission of a contract and contract fee. AC staff will not process requests for transcripts on behalf of the student. It remains the student's responsibility to ensure that all transcripts are submitted to AC.

All academic records from countries other than the United States must be evaluated by a nationally-acknowledged evaluation service approved by AC (for a list of approved services, please see the admissions counselor). If the academic records are in another language, a certified English translation is required. AC will accept translations from the issuing institution or an official translation service.

All applicants must meet the following qualifications:
  •   Must show proof of 12th grade education or equivalent. Applicant must hold at least a high school diploma or GED certificate
  •   If the applicant earned a high school diploma or postsecondary degree from an institution outside the United States, it must be evaluated by a national accrediting agency
  •  The applicant must show verbal competency in English, to be assessed by a language acquisition officer during or before the entrance interview.
  •  The applicant must verbally demonstrate that he/she has reasonable expectations of how the course would benefit him/her in terms of skill acquisition, academic gains, or job marketability.

    Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. The applicant initially meets with an Admissions Representative to discuss career opportunities and the process of enrollment.

    Following an interview with an admissions representative covering the prospective studentís personal, educational and employment history, the student will take an Entrance Exam. Passing the Entrance Exam demonstrates that he/she can perform in the classroom at the level required for each program, and the institution may then proceed with enrollment.

    Students applying for the Vocational Nursing, Associate of Science in Medical Office Management, and Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration programs must pass the Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI) Admission Assessment Exam with a minimum passing score of 70% for each of the 4 subjects (Reading Comprehension; Basic Math Skills; Grammar; Vocabulary and General Knowledge) and a minimum passing average score of 80% overall.

    Students applying to other programs must meet or exceed the 12th grade high school grade level by taking the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST) to show that they are well-suited to study in the specific program for which they have applied.

    Program (Type of Test)
    Medical Assistant (Wonderlic) Massage Therapy (Wonderlic) Nurse Assistant (Wonderlic) Phlebotomy (Wonderlic) Vocational Nursing (HESI) A.S. in Medical Office Management (HESI) B.S. in Health Care Administration (HESI)
    Required Test Score
    Meet 12th Grade Level
    Meet 12th Grade Level
    Meet 12th Grade Level
    Meet 12th Grade Level
    Overall 80% Pass
    Overall 80% Pass
    Overall 80% Pass

    The school retains the right to accept or reject an applicant based on the applicant's character reference, scholastic status, and/or financial status. Presuming all requirements and standards of admissions are met, and the applicant is motivated and prepared to make the financial and personal commitment toward his or her chosen training program, an enrollment agreement between the school and the applicant is signed, the first payment is paid, (the student is required to pay in full, the registration fee, cost of books & equipment, and the first tuition payment prior to the first day of class unless other arrangements are made), and a start date is set.

    Each prospective new student must be on campus on the first day of class so as to complete the enrollment process and orientation.

    The procedure for orientation will be to review and explain:
  • All attendance and classroom policies such as leaving early, arriving late, and the use of cell phones
  • Midterm clinical progress reports (VN students only)
  • Students' responsibility concerning preparedness for classes
  • The services provided by the school
  • The conduct expected of an AC student and graduate in the industry

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